Guard Dog & Security Dog Services Melbourne

Security Dog Services Melbourne

Dogs have been used by humans for protection for hundreds of years and thanks to their intelligence, enhanced senses and protective nature, they are ideally suited to work with us for a range of security purposes. Security dogs are an ideal choice for anyone looking for that added level of security. A security dog is not just any dog, ours are highly trained and experienced and can be used for a range of different situations and circumstances.

Because of their great sense of smell and intelligence, dogs are the ideal security helpers for humans. Dogs have super sensitive hearing and can often detect intruders before humans are able to, allowing for a faster and more effective response. They are also a very effective visible deterrent to potential criminals and just the presence of a dog and handler can be enough to make a criminal think twice before targeting your home or business.

The benefits of using security dogs at your next event

While security dogs have plenty of benefits for different situations, event security is one area where they excel. Their superior sense of smell means that security dogs can sniff out illegal substances even when they are bombarded with other scents. Security and drug detection dogs are a far less intrusive way to look for people bringing drugs into an event than conducting physical searches.

Most major events use dogs for this very reason and you’ll find them at festivals, concerts and sporting events all over the country. Even the visible presence of dogs at your event may be enough to provide a visible deterrent to anyone thinking of bringing illicit substances in.

Security dogs and their handlers can move quickly and easily through crowds, so they are readily able to respond to incidents or move between different areas as and when required. The presence of a dog is enough to deter many potential criminals and in the event that an incident does occur, a dog and handler team can provide reassurance to event attendees and staff by dealing with the situation appropriately.

Because they are so efficient, a security dog and handler team can often perform the work of multiple security staff at any given time. This has the potential to reduce the requirement for security staff at your event and can save you money.

Security dogs are not just for events

While you most commonly see security dogs and their handlers at special events, they are also highly effective for patrol and static guard duties. Because of their excellent sense of hearing and smell, security dogs can often alert their handlers to intruders or other suspicious activity long before a human alone would be able to detect anything.

Here are a few other areas where guard dogs can be put to great use:

  • Corporate security: When your corporate building is unattended at night, a security dog and handler team can give you extra protection and peace of mind.
  • School security: Protect school premises from vandalism after hours with regular security patrols and monitoring. A security dog can sniff out intruders or vandals before they’ve had the chance to cause any damage.
  • Car park security: Unattended car parks can be the scene of criminal activity, from damage to cars through to assault on people walking to and from their vehicles. Having a security dog and handler on site can help deter criminals and increase the effectiveness of your response to any situations that arise.
  • Construction site security: Keeping intruders out of a construction site is crucial for safety and to avoid property damage. A guard dog can help you keep your construction site safe and secure and intruders away.
  • Warehouse and storage security: Storage facilities and warehouses can be targets for thieves – a security dog patrol means having an extra set of eyes and ears (and nose) on the ground to sniff out any suspicious activity.

Guard dogs can be used effectively in pretty much any situation that would benefit from a heightened sense of awareness. They are particularly useful at night when visibility may be limited. With their excellent hearing and sense of smell, a guard dog can easily detect an intruder on the premises and scare them off before they steal or damage your property.

Guard Dogs to Deter Criminals

Guard dogs are a visible deterrent against theft and unlawful entry on to both residential and commercial premises. At Excell Security & Surveillance we can arrange professionally trained guard dogs to meet your security requirements.

All our dog handlers are experienced and carefully screened so you can be confident they will carry out their duties in a safe and responsible manner. Because we take a tailored approach to our services, we will take time to sit down with you and discuss your needs. Once we’ve identified what you are looking for in a guard dog and handler team, we’ll find the right team to meet your needs.


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