3 Common Security System Mistakes

3 Common Security System Mistakes / Excell Security & Surveillance Melbourne

When it comes to your security, you want to get it right. Security systems can be expensive and while they provide you with the reassurance that you’re protected against theft, if they aren’t set up properly, or they aren’t suitable for their purpose, you may be left vulnerable.

Here are a few common mistakes we see in security systems, both home and commercial. If you can avoid making these mistakes you can save yourself a considerable amount of stress and money.

  1. Overly complicated security systems. Security systems range from the very simple to extremely complex and more complicated doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be better. There’s no point having a complex security system that involves a series of in depth steps once an alarm is activated, or even to set the alarm in the first place, if the people using it are not able to understand it. Installing an overly complex security system can lead to it being underutilised, or even not used at all.
  2. Insufficient human resources in place. A CCTV system is a great idea in theory, but many require monitoring 24 hours a day. Before you sign up for an integrated security system that requires monitoring or security guards on hand to respond to any alarms think about whether you will realistically be able to manage this. Even a system of access cards or scanning people when they come into an office building requires the staff to be there to implement it – this will need to be part of your budget if you’re going to be able to manage it effectively.
  3. Installing a security system as a knee jerk response. It’s a common scenario where someone experiences a recent theft or near miss and as a result installs the most sophisticated security system they can find. Unfortunately in this case, if you’ve got a system that’s excessive for your requirements, you may find that once the initial shock has died down and the memory of the incident fades, complacency sets in and the system won’t be used. Installing a security system in any kind of rush is not a good idea – it takes time to evaluate your building and any security risks specific to you and then select the right system to meet your needs.

Take the time to get your security systems right, and speak to a professional for help if possible. It’s never a good idea to take chances on your building’s security – mistakes can lead to devastating consequences.


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