3 Great CCTV Features Every Business Needs

3 Great CCTV Features Every Business Needs / CCTV Security Systems / CCTV Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

As a business owner, CCTV is an essential tool for protecting your business. Without a CCTV alarm system your business can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism when you’re not there. While most businesses have some form of alarm system, many of them are older. Unfortunately, relying on your old CCTV system could leave you missing out on newer technological developments that could greatly benefit your business.

Here are three recent CCTV system developments that every business should be making use of:

  1. Remote monitoring: Remote monitoring lets you see what’s happening at your business at any time of day or night. Most remote monitoring systems work from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection, making them ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As well as making sure your business is secure at night, you can keep an eye on your employees when you’re not there and check in regularly.
  1. High-resolution imaging: Business CCTV cameras can be hard to use as many have low-resolution imaging that lacks detail. While you might be able to see if an intruder has entered your property, without clear resolution it will be harder to identify them. Fortunately high-resolution CCTV cameras have come down in price recently and they offer a much clearer picture, which can help with identification of people and vehicles.
  1. DVR recording of footage: Keep your recorded video footage for longer with DVR recording and storage. DVR footage can be retrieved instantly for up to a year after it’s been recorded giving you a valuable record of everything captured by the CCTV cameras at your business.

Keep your business safer than ever before by making use of the latest technological developments to boost up your commercial security. By using the latest CCTV features you can keep in touch with what’s happening in your business at any hour of the day or night.


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