4 Security Tips for Small Businesses

4 Security Tips for Small Businesses / Commercial Security / Business Security / Melbourne Security Company / Excell Security

Theft and vandalism can be devastating for any business, but small businesses are often hit the hardest when they fall victim to crime. As a small business owner you work hard to build your business and you’ll need to take security seriously if you want to protect it over the long term.

Here are four security tips to help you overcome some of the most common security risks encountered by small businesses.

  1. Implement access control. Access control lets you determine who gets access to your business, or even to certain areas within your business. If your business doesn’t have customers coming in all the time, you may want to consider secure access for everyone, otherwise you can protect important areas like offices and store-rooms, vastly reducing the chances of break and enter or opportunistic theft by passers by.
  2. Invest in a monitored alarm system. An alarm system is a key piece of security equipment for any business. An investment in a quality alarm system and professional monitoring means that if anyone should enter your business when you’re not there, you’ll know about it immediately and a professional security team will be dispatched to deal with the situation.
  3. Make sure your building is well lit at night. Lighting is one of the easiest security measures you can take and one of the most effective. Make sure your outdoor areas are well lit after dark to deter anyone from hanging around or trying to enter.
  4. Consider a mobile security patrol. If you feel a full time security guard is overkill, you can consider a mobile security patrol to come and check on your business periodically out of hours. A mobile security patrol is a deterrent to thieves and they can alert you immediately if they notice anything untoward.

A few basic security measures can protect your business from the damage caused by criminal activity. Speak to a professional security expert at Excell Security and Surveillance to discuss your business security needs.


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