4 Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV Around Your Workplace

4 Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV Around Your Workplace / Commercial Security / CCTV Installation / CCTV Security Systems Melbourne / Excell Security

A CCTV surveillance system can help keep your business and employees safe but there are a few things you’ll need to think about before you rush out and install one at your commercial premises.

While CCTV has a number of great advantages, if your CCTV cameras aren’t installed properly they won’t work to their full benefit. There are many factors involved in successful CCTV installation including positioning, height, angle and the type of cameras used. In most cases it’s best to speak to a security professional for advice before you go ahead with a CCTV camera installation.

Here are a few factors we always suggest our customers look at before they go ahead with a CCTV installation:

  1. What type of cameras do you want? There are hundreds of different CCTV cameras on the market and it can be hard to know which ones to choose. It all depends on what you plan to use CCTV for, whether you want extra features like remote monitoring or integration with other security systems, and your budget.
  2. Do you want to integrate your CCTV with your access control? Some CCTV systems can be integrated with access control so you can have video footage of anyone entering and exiting your building. This is a fantastic added safeguard against break and enter style incidents.
  3. Do you need remote monitoring and access? Being able to monitor your commercial building when you’re not there (e.g. on weekends) can give you additional peace of mind that everything is ok and alert you to potential problems sooner rather than later.
  4. Are you also going to monitor for staff compliance and workplace safety? As well as being used to prevent theft, CCTV systems are also a great way to ensure your employees are conforming to health and safety guidelines. If an incident should occur, your CCTV footage will provide you with extra evidence.

Before you purchase a CCTV system for your workplace, make sure you seek advice from a security professional at Excell Security and Surveillance.


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