5 Office Security Tips

5 Office Security Tips / Excell Security & Surveillance Melbourne

Keeping your office building safe and secure is a priority not only to protect the people working in it, but also to reduce your chances of experiencing damage from vandals or other criminals. Unfortunately, office buildings can be a target for criminals as they are often placed outside residential areas and can be unoccupied at night.

Here are a few tips to help deter would be thieves and vandals from targeting your office building, and help keep your property and employees safe from harm:

  1. Consider implementing secure access if you don’t already have it. This can be configured so people entering the building out of hours need to use a swipe pass to get into the building itself, operate the lift and enter individual areas or levels.
  2. Make sure your building is well lit. Lighting is a simple yet highly effective deterrent for would be criminals. It’s a good idea to walk around your building after dark and check if there are any unlit areas, especially around trees or bushes where someone could conceal themselves.
  3. Don’t forget parking areas. Do your employees have to walk across a dimly lit parking area after dark? You may want to consider installing CCTV in parking areas and make sure there is enough lighting to deter any potential thieves.
  4. Get the right alarm system. An alarm system is crucial for any office building. Not only does it let you know if someone tries to enter the building, it can act as a deterrent in itself so would be intruders will think twice before trying to break in. There are a lot of different alarm systems out there so it’s a good idea to speak to a professional when making the decision.
  5. Consider hiring a security guard. If you want to really make sure your building is safe, a security guard may be a worthwhile investment. Nothing beats having a person physically on the premises at all times, who can identify potential security risks and act on them immediately.

Keeping your office building protected will help your staff feel safe and comfortable at work, as well as reducing the risk of property damage or even worse, someone getting hurt. A few simple security measures around your office building can make a big difference at the end of the day.


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