5 Reasons To Upgrade Your CCTV System

If you’ve been considering upgrading the CCTV at your home or business, here are 5 reasons which might make you take the next step…

1. Improve the quality of your images

Newer CCTV systems offer fantastic picture quality, which can be particularly useful if you need to be referring to your CCTV footage for detailed imagery of occurrences.  Maintaining a record of everything that happens in your business is very valuable should you find that criminal activity has been taking place – you will be more easily able to identify who is involved and provide evidence to police or other law enforcement.

2. Financial savings

Whilst there’s no denying the initial investment of an upgrade, the savings in costly maintenance of old systems, along with improved technology (even offering remote maintenance in some cases), all helps to offset the cost.  And of course the every day benefits of improved surveillance – meaning better information on which to base business decisions or follow-up issues – can bring significant cost savings in itself.

3. Existing equipment reaches end of life

It’s a part of life…as with any equipment, your CCTV parts and components wear out and are typically less effective and more prone to breakdowns and faults as they reach end of life.  In many cases, the cost to repair will outweigh the price to upgrade, so consider both options when remedying any issues with an older CCTV solution.

4. Improve usability

Does your current CCTV solution send notifications direct to your smart phone?  Can you manage access control remotely?  Improvements in integration and technology allow for user-friendly, efficient and encompassing security solutions which weren’t possible a decade ago.  Keeping up to date and exploring the benefits of functionality available might prove to make any possible investment in CCTV worthwhile.

5. Protect what matters to you

Whether it’s your family, your staff or the inventory on your shelves in your small business, the correct CCTV solution will quite simply offer better protection.   From being a deterrent in itself to ward off potential threats, having the optimal CCTV solution will ensure the best possible management, functionality and imagery available….and that is peace of mind.

Keen to explore CCTV options?  Contact us at Excell Security today to find out more…


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