5 Reasons You Should Never DIY Your Home Security System

5 Reasons You Should Never DIY Your Home Security System / Home Security System Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

Walk into any electronics store or search online and you’ll find there are plenty of DIY home security systems out there, promising premium level security at a fraction of the cost of a professional system.

If you’re a bit of a handyman type or you know someone who is, you might be tempted to try to save money by going the DIY route but however tempting it might be, here are five reasons not to go there:

  • It’s a false economy. While you might save a few dollars on the installation and cost of your new security system, how much will you lose if and when it fails and your valuables are stolen?
  • Thieves know the difference. If they are scoping out your home ahead of time, most criminals will be immediately able to spot the difference between a professional security system and an amateur one. If you have a DIY job, you’re more likely to be targeted than a home with a professional system installed.
  • You’ll miss out on the most important features. DIY security systems lack a number of crucial things like alarm response. This means that if your alarm does detect an intruder and go off, you’re less likely to be able to actually do anything to protect your home and possessions in time.
  • You’re more likely to get false alarms. Because they aren’t quite as good quality as professionally installed systems, your DIY system is more likely to trigger a false alarm. This can lead to a lot of frustration not to mention annoyance from neighbours.
  • It won’t be tailored specifically to your home. Professional security systems are tailored to your home and this means they are set up with the right positioning and sensor locations to give you an optimum level of protection.

Don’t cut corners on your home’s security. Always speak to an expert for advice on the best home security system for you.


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