Access All Areas…Or Not!

Let’s talk Access Control, an important but often overlooked component of business security.

By definition, Access Control restricts and regulates access or entry to a place or resource.  Essentially, it involves a strategic business decision to select who can access that place or resource, with the access control solution being provided to meet those security needs.

Clearly there are many benefits of restricting access, including:


Greater scope to protect beyond doors/gates

An access control system has far more possibilities than protecting just doors…think secure areas and spaces for which you require specific controlled access.  This scope extends to multiple sites and locations, with networking capability, meaning efficient access for those who need it.

A higher level of security

Unlike a basic key, a secure access control device is difficult to duplicate with the use of high level encryption.

Human resources management

The management of key inventory and the process for staff returning keys upon the completion of their employment tenure takes time for any organisation, and is often flawed.  With an Access Control system, the access of a ceased employee is easily and immediately managed.  The same applies for new employees – time saved and more efficient management of access.

Protection of what matters to you

Whether it’s your stock or sensitive documents, an access control system can protect what matters to you, saving money, distress and time in the event of an attempted break-in.


In this evolving Covid-safe world in which we live, the tracking and management of access is even more important than ever.  In fact in many cases, it is now a requirement.  An Access Control system is a robust solution to monitor who enters and exits your premises, meaning not just increased security, but also reliable entry/exit information if it was to be needed.


Solutions available for Access Control are varied and can be tailored to suit any size and category of business.  For a small business, this might be a single door system with or without management software. On a larger scale, solutions include the use of ID devices such as card readers, key fobs, smartphones, PINs or even biometric scanning to allow access to buildings or specific areas of buildings.  Your Access Control system can even integrate with other systems such as your CCTV and alarm security systems, meaning a holistic and robust solution to protecting what matters to you.

Sound like something your business can benefit from?  Contact Excell Security today to find out more.


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