Access Control Systems Melbourne

Excell Security provides access control systems and products for applications ranging from small single-door systems to enterprise-wide, networked systems.

Access control systems enhance the overall effectiveness of your security by integrating with other systems like CCTV and alarm security systems. Access control may include the use of ID devices such as card readers, key fobs, smartphones, PINs or even biometric scanning to allow access to buildings or specific areas of buildings.

The right access control makes accessing your site easier, without the need for keys. Access control systems can be used across a whole range of different applications including office buildings, hotels, apartment or unit complexes, airports, universities, prisons, lift controls, financial institutions, car parks and more.

Many organisations and homeowners are choosing to implement access control systems as an added level of security. Having an access control system also provides a record of who has entered and exited the building and when, so should a security breach or other incident occur, you can easily see who was in the building at the time.

Access Control Solutions for Home and Work

Another use for access control systems is to monitor and audit the movement of people in and out of commercial premises. Many of our clients use electronic access control systems to keep track of how often an area is used, when and by whom. It’s also easy to restrict access to certain areas outside office hours.

Access Control Systems for Large Commercial Sites

Our security specialists have been involved in various high-level complex projects and are highly competent in working with technically challenging sites. Whether you have a single or multi-site, we have the experience and expertise to create a tailored solution to suit your business.

Small Business Access Control Solutions

Access control is well within reach for smaller business. We can offer a single door system with or without management software.

Access Control Systems that Protect Your Home

Access control solutions are not just for commercial buildings and offices. More and more homeowners are turning to access control solutions to protect their home and family.

Access control for your home gives you an added level of protection and lets you see who is at the door even when you’re elsewhere in the house. Pin or biometric based access control systems also means that if your handbag is stolen you can still get access to your home and feel confident that everything will remain completely safe and secure. No need to call an emergency locksmith unless you’re also relying on traditional key access for your home.

Access Control Products


We can recommend and install the most suitable system to suit your needs. Some of the systems we regularly install include:

  • Inner Range Inception
  • Inner Range Integriti
  • If you have Inner Range Concept, this is now “end of life”,  Please contact us today for a quote to update!

Excell Security also services brands such as Tecom Challenger V8 and V10, Genetec, Rosslare and Protege WX.

We are specialists in finding the best solutions for access control in Melbourne. Speak to us today about your needs.


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