Benefits of a Security Patrol

If you’re seeking extra security but don’t require a full-time private security guard, a mobile security patrol might be just what you need for your business…

Mobile security services are there to visit your property intermittently and make sure everything is okay. Our security officers can do a drive-by of your commercial or residential property, or they can get out and perform an inspection on foot. Some benefits of using a mobile patrol service include:

  • Creating an effective visual deterrent against thieves or other unwanted intruders. Most mobile patrol services will visit your property at random times and intervals, making it impossible for would be criminals to predict or identify a pattern. Even knowing that your property is patrolled can be enough to make potential thieves or other criminals decide to go elsewhere.
  • Offering security at the time when you need it most. You may not need security services during the day when your building is occupied but if your property is located off the beaten track or in an industrial area that is deserted at night, you might need a bit of extra security during the time it’s unoccupied. A mobile patrol can provide just what you need when you need it without the additional expense of a private guard.
  • Gaining valuable peace of mind that your property is safe and secure when you’re not there. Knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your premises and will let you know if anything suspicious is observed means you can relax and get on with your life, without having to worry about what might happen when you’re away.

Excell Security provides experienced mobile patrol personnel throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Our security patrol officers are licenced, accredited and experienced and we maintain a high reputation for reliability and integrity in the marketplace.

Trained, Experienced Mobile Patrols

Our security service staff are trained to follow site specific Standard Operating Procedures known as SOPs. These SOPs can be provided by the client or prepared in consultation with Excell Security management. As one of the top Melbourne private security companies, attention to detail and a personal approach are all part of the service!

Why Consider a Private Security Service?

When you hire a private security patrol service, you get the benefit of having experienced, trained security professionals on hand to help you deal with anything that might arise. Our security staff can do more than just drive by and check on your building at night, a mobile patrol can also perform a range of other duties depending on your needs, such as:

  • Open and lock up your building in the morning and evening. Make sure everything is safe and secure when your employees leave for the day by getting a security guard to lock and unlock your building. Even the best employees can make mistakes when it comes to setting alarm systems and securing your building for the night, and mistakes can lead to serious consequences if security is compromised.
  • Patrol around the outside of your building at night. As well as conducting a drive by patrol of your building, our private security service staff can also get out and check around the perimeter of your building on foot to ensure everything is safe and secure.
  • Alarm response. If a security alarm is activated at night, our mobile security personnel can be there immediately to check what’s going on and deal with any intruders or thieves still on the premises.
  • Escort staff from the building. Staff safety is of the greatest importance.  Our mobile security staff are there to help you with your intermittent security needs and if required they can be there to provide an escort for staff when leaving the building, or to respond to a specific security threat.

Even if your business is operational 24/7, your employees will feel safer if they know a private security service is there in the event they should need one.

A mobile patrol officer can check-in on your night staff periodically to make sure they are safe and discuss any concerns they might have about their safety and security while on shift.

The patrol team at Excell Security are leaders in the security industry.  This is due to our focus on training, compliance and staff wellbeing, coupled with the latest in workforce management software.  This software not only provides extra support to our patrol team, but also enables comprehensive and transparent reporting to our clients.

We can help you with all your private security needs.

Contact Excell Security today to find out how our mobile security patrols can help you.


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