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Cleaning During the Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Help Your Business

Excell Security, together with our sister company Enhance Services, is proud to protect what matters to the Melbourne community. In light of recent events around coronavirus, and the grave importance for improved cleaning in all businesses, our Excell Security team has been working even more closely with our Enhance Services personnel to assist businesses with a solution for both their security and cleaning needs.  These requirements have never gone more hand-in-hand than at this unprecedented time. If you are concerned around the

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Security Considerations During Coronavirus Shutdowns

The anti-viral actions taken by the Government and community, to reduce the risk of infection from the Coronavirus, will significantly reduce the number of people at work or generally in the community. With fewer people present, criminals may take the opportunity to increase their activity. Your best response?  Increase your security. Greater surveillance, more security officers and extended patrols will reduce your risk. Improve surveillance, by adding to current alarm and camera systems Reinforce with additional security officers, to quickly deliver a security response Security Officers


Coronavirus Update: Helping You Stay Safe

The current coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything our generation has seen.  The situation is changing constantly and the ramifications are impacting both the health of our society and the livelihood of businesses.   At Excell Security, together with our sister company Enhance Services, we want to let you know that we always ensure best-practice hygiene measures.  This has been a priority for us since the day our business opened over ten years ago.  It’s a priority because we care about our

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Tips to Keep Your Security System at its Best

In between your annual services, it’s a good idea to take steps to keep your security system working at its best. Here are a few ideas you can do on a regular basis to check your system is in good working order and identify any potential issues: Check your lighting is working. If you have motion-activated lights, perform regular checks to make sure no bulbs have blown or lights damaged. If thieves are planning to target your home, broken lights may give

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Key Advantages of Monitored Alarm Systems

Excell Security is proud to only recommend and use reliable and effective security products as part of our security solution for you.  One of these is Permaconn, our top recommendation for your business alarm monitoring. Some of the benefits of trusting Excell Security to look after monitoring your alarm: Your monitored alarm system will be able to communicate during power outages. This is crucial as many systems are tied to the mains power

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Monitor Your Own Security Alarm

Whilst you might be able to use technology to receive alarm notifications to your smartphone or computer and see what’s going on at your home or business, that doesn’t mean self-monitoring is the best choice. Here are 5 reasons why so many people choose a professional security monitoring company:   Reliability: You may not always receive notifications.  While you can set up your wireless system to send alerts to your phone, what happens if you’re in a movie, your phone is out of

What Does a Mobile Security Patrol Actually Do? / Security Companies Melbourne / Professional Security Company / Excell Security

What Does a Mobile Security Patrol Actually Do?

Are you looking for a bit of extra security for your commercial premises, but don’t feel a full time security guard is necessary? A mobile security patrol might be the right solution for you. Mobile security patrols are a good solution for any business that just wants a bit of extra protection and eyes on the ground but doesn’t want or need to go as far as hiring a full time static guard.

4 Security Tips for Small Businesses / Commercial Security / Business Security / Melbourne Security Company / Excell Security

4 Security Tips for Small Businesses

Theft and vandalism can be devastating for any business, but small businesses are often hit the hardest when they fall victim to crime. As a small business owner you work hard to build your business and you’ll need to take security seriously if you want to protect it over the long term.

Security Alarm Code Basics / Security Systems Melbourne / Alarm Installation / Excell Security

Security Alarm Code Basics

Most security alarms out there require a code to activate and deactivate and while a good security code helps keep your business safe, the wrong code can leave you vulnerable. In addition to this, entering the wrong alarm code can also lead to false alarms and these can really add up in terms of call out fees from your security company.

3 Great CCTV Features Every Business Needs / CCTV Security Systems / CCTV Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

3 Great CCTV Features Every Business Needs

As a business owner, CCTV is an essential tool for protecting your business. Without a CCTV alarm system your business can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism when you’re not there. While most businesses have some form of alarm system, many of them are older. Unfortunately, relying on your old CCTV system could leave you missing out on newer technological developments that could greatly benefit your business.


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