Can I Hire Security Services During Stage 4 Restrictions?

We are in uncharted territory here in Victoria right now.  Businesses across metropolitan Melbourne and regional areas are either closed or operating in a way they never thought possible 12 months ago.  Offices sit empty, cafes are limited to takeaway, factories are closed or operating with reduced capacity, and with an 8pm curfew, the streets of Melbourne are quiet and there is a hush over the city’s typically vibrant nightlife.

For the security industry, we are experiencing change just like everybody else.  Whilst the sole purpose of our industry – providing security and protection – remains vitally important, the nature of our work and in many cases the way we approach our work has evolved to meet the needs of the pandemic.

As expected, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) lists “Security services where required for the safety of a permitted workplace” as permitted work in their Stage 4 restrictions for business and industry.  The on-site provision of security “required for the operations of a Permitted Work Premises, or for Closed Work Premises where there are safety or environmental obligations” is also covered.

If you are looking for additional detail around permitted workers/industries, we strongly recommend reference to More than ever, correct information is vital to your business operations and decision making.

Excell Security continues to protect what matters to Melbourne, whether it be the safety and health of the patients and dedicated staff at the Altona Respiratory Clinic, the provision of security assistance to retail and hospitality businesses operating in unprecedented times, the installation and monitoring of cost-effective CCTV and access electronic solutions, and the protection, surveillance and patrol of vacant business premises.  We are very proud of our team for their professional approach to the current circumstances.


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