8 Tips to Improve Security in Your Business

Article courtesy of “Security”, the e-newsletter of Security Magazine. Physical security is often defined as the protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to an organisation. Physical security is a vitally important business practice with many goals: to prevent unauthorised persons from entering a business and causing harm; to protect intellectual property from corporate espionage; and to mitigate workplace violence, among other concerns. Today,

How a Security Concierge Can Improve Customer Experience

As businesses emerge from an unprecedented two years of disruption and change, many operators may be assessing their current customer experience approach. The evolving Covid-safe guidelines, along with staff hesitant to return to offices and the necessity to create a safe environment for customers and employees alike, create new opportunities for owners and managers to assess and restructure their in-store or on-site processes. For many businesses, the introduction of a security concierge service is proving to be a rewarding strategic choice.  Whilst

Top 3 Security Trends for 2022

As Aussies pack away the festive decorations and turn their mind to the year ahead after a much-needed Summer break, it’s time to settle in for 2022 – a year certain to be as uncertain as our most recent times and promising to raise new challenges as we navigate yet another year of Covid 19 impacts.  The past two years have seen changing trends across the majority of industries, as both consumers and suppliers strive to succeed in ever-changing times. 

Access Control Preventative Maintenance Price Match Protection Offer

At Excell Security we are proud of the service and competitive pricing we offer to our clients.  With many metro Melbourne businesses currently utilising the lockdown period to assess their future security needs, we invite you to find out more about the security options and products available to help protect what matters to you…whether it’s your people, your premises, your operations or your stock, we have a solution. If you have been checking out other quotes for access control preventative maintenance

Proud Supporters of Let’s Feed

Have you heard about Let’s Feed? At Excell Security, we are proud to support this locally based charity initiative. Let’s Feed exists to provide meals to at-risk individuals in our community, seeking to fill the gaps that exist between individuals, charities and government bodies in order to provide food to those that need our help. We are pleased to lend our support as part of the Let’s Feed School Breakfast Club in the western suburbs of Melbourne. This initiative provides breakfast to children across four

Access All Areas…Or Not!

Let’s talk Access Control, an important but often overlooked component of business security. By definition, Access Control restricts and regulates access or entry to a place or resource.  Essentially, it involves a strategic business decision to select who can access that place or resource, with the access control solution being provided to meet those security needs. Clearly there are many benefits of restricting access, including:   Greater scope to protect beyond doors/gates An access control system has far more possibilities than protecting just doors…think secure

Tips for a COVID-safe Return to the Office

With the Easter break over and school holidays coming to an end, more and more Victorians will start returning to the office in coming weeks.  This follows the Victorian State Government’s removal of the 75% cap on office workers from 26 March. This return to the office will undoubtedly bring a mix of feelings for employees, as they pack up their home working station and consider what working in an office in 2021 will look like.  Some will be greatly relieved;

Thinking About CCTV For Your Business?

As Australia emerges from a year unlike any other, many decision-makers and business owners are reassessing their “new normal” to ensure optimal stability and success for the future. Security is a given in any such consideration, and the right CCTV solution is an imperative component to a good plan. CCTV security systems used to be out of the reach of most smaller businesses. The technology was expensive and the resolution of the images from the majority of camera systems was less than

Are Security Concierge Services the Post-Covid “Must-Have” for Businesses?

Having just experienced one of the most challenging, rapidly-evolving and risky periods of a generation, business owners are starting to look to the future, as they attempt to define how their organisation can viably exist amidst uncertain times. Whilst talk of vaccine break-throughs and the impending opening of some domestic borders are the newsworthy and visible stories on our screens, there is also a real day-to-day buzz of activity and innovation happening in businesses throughout Victoria.  Businesses across varying industries, from

Welcome Back Retail!

We are very pleased that our friends in the retail industry can now open their doors, even if their day to day operations look very different to what they once knew. With the announcement from the Premier of Victoria earlier this week, retailers of various sizes and structures quickly began implementing (or in some cases, creating) the plan for how their business would approach the numerous guidelines, to ensure both compliance and effective, safe and efficient business operations. Staying up to date


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