Commercial Security Systems Melbourne

Are your staff fed up with receiving phone calls for alarms after hours? Worry no more – at Excell Security  Services we can take care of all your business alarm monitoring so your team can get a good night’s sleep. We specialise in Melbourne security systems of all shapes and sizes, from residential to commercial so you can relax and feel confident that if there is a problem, help will be on hand as soon as possible.

You’d be surprised how many people have security alarm systems that are unmonitored. Having an unmonitored system means that if it’s activated nobody will be on hand to respond. Not only does this mean a thief could get away with your property undetected, it also means that your commercial premises could be left unsecured and vulnerable to further theft until someone realises there is a problem.

Unmonitored alarm systems can also be a menace for neighbours. If your business premises are on a residential street you won’t make many friends if your alarm is going off all night or all weekend without anyone attending.

Why use professional business security alarm monitoring systems?

With the huge uptake in mobile apps and technology, self-monitoring your business alarm systems has never been easier but there are a number of potential problems with this course of action. Here are a few of the possible issues you can face when attempting to monitor your own alarm system:

  • If you’re relying on your mobile notifications what happens if your phone is switched off for example at night, or runs out of battery? What if you are on a plane or otherwise out of the country? We have seen many incidences of Melbourne based clients just not receiving their notifications and being completely unaware of an issue because they have been out of the country temporarily.
  • What do you do if you respond and an intruder is still on the premises? The vast majority of alarm activations are false alarms and even those that aren’t in most cases an intruder or thief has already left the building, but if there is still an intruder on the premises you could be putting yourself at risk by responding in person. It’s far safer to rely on a trained security guard who can deal safely with an intruder and restrain them until the police arrive.
  • Who is going to respond to middle of the night call-outs? If you have a few different people receiving notification of an alarm activation, who is going to be the one to respond? Misunderstandings can often mean that nobody turns up to an alarm call out and if you’re relying on your employees to get out of bed in the middle of the night, this can lead to resentment over time.
  • How do you respond if a theft has just taken place? If you do respond to an alarm activation and find that a theft has actually taken place, do you know how to secure the building and avoid contaminating the crime scene until the police arrive? A trained security officer will know how to do just that, preserving any evidence while ensuring your property is not left vulnerable in the aftermath of a theft.

Our commercial security systems personnel can take care of all your business security systems in Melbourne, including alarm monitoring, response and notification. We will only notify you in the case of a genuine incident, which means no more late night trips to your commercial premises for a false alarm.

Fast, Effective Business Alarm Monitoring and Response

With our alarm monitoring service you can be sure that someone will be out to your premises quickly after an alarm activation. All our security staff are trained to respond appropriately and take the necessary steps to secure your building and where appropriate call the police. In the event that a guard is required, our patrol officer will remain at your business until a static guard can be organised. This usually takes less than an hour and in the meantime you can feel confident that your property and business are well protected by our trained security guards.


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