Crowd Control & Private Security

If you run a licenced venue or special event you may be legally required to provide security guards at your venue. The legal requirements for security staff vary between different states but regardless of your legal obligations, there are a great many benefits to hiring private security staff for your licenced venue or event.

Keeping your customers and staff safe will not only enhance your reputation, it will also help you avoid any legal repercussions if accidents or injuries occur at your premises or event. Having security staff on hand also helps prevent damage to property as a result of deliberate vandalism or out of control behaviour.

A private security guard or bouncer can take care of the safety of your customers and staff while you get on with running your business.

Here are a few of the services that commercial crowd control personnel can provide:

  • Monitoring and control of entry into your venue as well as checking for underage or intoxicated customers.
  • Monitoring crowd or individual behaviour and communicating any potential issues to staff.
  • Managing any abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour with a focus on diffusing any situations before they escalate further.
  • Taking care of first aid or crucial care in the aftermath of an incident or altercation.
  • Assisting with and co-ordinating any emergency evacuation of your venue or event that may be required.

Unfortunately an inexperienced security guard or bouncer can make difficult situations even worse so it’s crucial for the sake of your business and your customers that you find a team that is trained, licenced and qualified in all aspects of crowd control to take care of your commercial security needs.

Any good security guard will start by conducting a risk assessment of your venue or event and tailoring their strategy to your specific needs and situation. There is no one size fits all solution to venue security as no two venues are the same and this means that if you’re going to effectively protect your staff and customers you need to find a security company that will take a bespoke approach to your security needs.

A few tips for improving your venue security

As well as hiring professional security guards and crowd controllers, there are a few strategies that every venue owner or event organiser can put into place to help improve the safety and general enjoyment for their customers and make it easier for their staff to do their job.

  • Keep numbers limited for everyone’s comfort and also to prevent overcrowding which can lead to agitation and potential safety issues if everyone needs to evacuate quickly.
  • Don’t allow entry to anyone intoxicated or who is underage. Not only could serving alcohol to intoxicated people or minors get you into legal trouble, intoxicated patrons are likely to become aggressive or unruly, which could affect the safety and comfort of other patrons.
  • Encourage your customers to leave the premises quietly and not to linger outside afterwards. Groups of people hanging around outside late at night can not only be noisy and annoying for neighbours, but could also lead to fights and other altercations breaking out.
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting at your premises, especially outside. Sufficient outside lighting can help reduce the likelihood of drug dealing, sexual harassment and vandalism taking place in the immediate surroundings of your venue.
  • Keep your premises clean and in good repair. This will not only make your venue more visually appealing, it will also help improve hygiene and reduce the risk of tripping hazards and other potential safety risks that could cause injury to staff and customers (and potential legal problems for you!).

Trained and licenced events security guard

Our management team has extensive experience in delivering successful crowd control services to licensed venues, licensed gaming venues and major events in Victoria. Whether you are just looking for a single security guard for your bar or other licenced venue, or you’re in need of large-scale commercial crowd control services, we can help.

Excell Security  will deliver a quality service to each venue and event based upon key criteria that takes into account both the customer requirements and an individual risk assessment of each venue or event.

Major Events and Parties & Licensed Venues

Security guards that work at major events and licenced venues are subject to certain legal requirements. It’s in your best interests to make sure the staff you hire have all the necessary qualifications and training so they can keep your venue and customers as safe as possible.

All staff working at licenced venues in Victoria should be RSA certified and have experience dealing with the type of situations that can most commonly arise in licenced venues. Common issues that our security guards are experienced and trained in dealing with include:

  • Managing queues and controlling entry into licenced venues and events,
  • Conducting searches of patrons prior to entry,
  • Dealing with aggressive or unruly behaviour, first by de-escalating and then if necessary by physical removal of the offending person from the venue,
  • Providing basic first aid and care to injured or intoxicated customers,
  • Emergency evacuation procedures if necessary.

We are fully licenced and only hire qualified, experienced security guards and crowd controllers. The event security services provided by Excell Security  include:

  • RSA certified Crowd Controllers for licensed venues approved by the Liquor Licensing Commission.
  • RSA certified Crowd Controllers for gaming venues approved by the Victoria Commission of Gaming Regulations (VCGR)
  • Crowd Management and Response for Major Events

Our private security personnel include security guards and bouncers and are currently deployed throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area in a range of different environments including:

  • Gaming Venues
  • Bar and Hotel Environments
  • Major Sporting Events

Our service is underpinned by timely, accurate administration and management. Our systems are geared to service the needs of the hospitality sector and are in line with general industry practices. To chat more about your venue or event and how we can help, call Excell Security today.