Coronavirus Update: Helping You Stay Safe

The current coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything our generation has seen.  The situation is changing constantly and the ramifications are impacting both the health of our society and the livelihood of businesses.


At Excell Security, together with our sister company Enhance Services, we want to let you know that we always ensure best-practice hygiene measures.  This has been a priority for us since the day our business opened over ten years ago.  It’s a priority because we care about our staff, our clients and the people those clients serve, such as children in schools, the elderly in care, families visiting shopping centres and people just like you turning up to their workplace and expecting to do your job in a clean and safe environment.


We have taken additional steps to introduce what we believe to be market-leading practices for our Security Patrol Officers, whereby Patrol Officers will wear gloves at each site when undertaking their duties, to reduce the risk of spread of contamination and contraction through touch.


If you are looking for ways to improve the hygiene at your business, there is excellent information available from several sources regarding cleaning recommendations and this one is a great assistance:


Excell Security and Enhance Services are working to meet the demand for cleaning and security services.  If you require additional cleaning or security services at this challenging time, please contact us on 1800 2 EXCELL or


As a proud Australian-owned and Melbourne-based business, we are with you.


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