Do You Really Need Professional Alarm Monitoring?

Do You Really Need Professional Alarm Monitoring? / Security Alarm Monitoring / Home Alarms and Monitoring / Excell Security Melbourne

With so many DIY security systems out there, along with the easy availability of smartphone technology, the necessity for professional alarm monitoring might seem like it’s removed. However, it’s still really important to have professional alarm monitoring for your home or commercial premises.

Alarm systems are set up to trigger and notify you when an intruder is detected. If you have professional alarm monitoring set up, this notification will go to your security company who will then dispatch someone immediately to investigate the situation. Professional alarm monitoring is a 24/7 service that continues uninterrupted even when you’re out of the country or asleep.

Without professional alarm monitoring, notifications will be sent to your smartphone when a disturbance is detected and depending on what you’re doing at the time, it could be a while before you’re even aware that the alarm has been triggered. If you’re on holiday or out of the country you might not even receive notification.

Once you have received a notification that something is amiss, what do you do next? If your alarm is not monitored you’ll be responsible for either going and investigating yourself which could be dangerous if an intruder is on the property, or calling the appropriate services and explaining the situation. This can take valuable time, which means that by the time someone goes to investigate, it might well be too late.

An alarm monitoring service lets you enjoy peace of mind that if an alarm is triggered, help will be on its way immediately. It means that a trained professional will be at your home or premises quickly and will be able to respond appropriately to whatever the situation is and call other emergency services if necessary.

Don’t take risks with your home or business security. Make sure you have professional alarm monitoring so you can rest easy, even when you’re out of the country.


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