Egg-scaping this Easter? Check Out These Home Security Tips

If you are heading away this Easter, here are some questions to ask as you prepare to leave your home vacant:

Do you need to upgrade and install good quality locks on external doors and windows?

Is your mailbox locked?  This will prevent the theft of mail and personal documents.

Would your home benefit from additional security measures such as security screen doors, sensor lights, a monitored alarm system and overt CCTV?

Are your garages, sheds and similar storage facilities locked?

Have you moved desirable or highly valuable items out of view from windows or over fences where possible?

Is there a plan for bringing in your bins and collecting mail regularly so your home looks lived in?

Have you cut overhanging branches and trim shrubs back from your house to make it harder for burglars to hide?

Have you backed up computer hard drives?

Are any motion sensor lights working correctly?  The cover of darkness makes it easier for crime to occur, so ensuring your lights are functioning as required will assist to secure your property.

Have you told trusted neighbours about your plans?  They may recognise unusual activity when you’re away.

What’s your social media plan?  Whilst we all deserve a holiday (and sharing that excitement via social media has become a part of the holiday experience for many of us!) be careful about announcing your absence on social media.

Have you photographed your valuables and recorded details on a property inventory form?

Are all windows and doors locked?

If you have a home security system, is it working as it should?  And if it is…don’t forget to turn it on!

Considering suggestions such as these can reduce your risk and protect what matters to you.

The team at Excell Security wishes everyone a happy and safe Easter.


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