Halloween Home Security Tips

Boo!  With Halloween festivities and Trick-or-Treating becoming more and more popular in Australia on October 31st, here are 10 tips to help ensure you don’t get an unwanted fright on Halloween night…

To Decorate or Not

Trick-or-treaters are typically more likely to visit homes displaying Halloween decorations, so if you are keen to participate in the festivities – get your spooky spirit on and decorate away!  Likewise, if you aren’t going to be home on the evening (or prefer no Halloween visitors) it could be a case of less is more!

Make sure your property is well lit

If you are welcoming trick-or-treaters to your home, ensure your front path or entrance is well-lit to avoid someone tripping over something he or she can’t see.

Keep pathways clear

Make sure all walkways and the front yard are clean and clutter-free to prevent accidents.

Put the car in the garage

A car on the street is more of a target than one that’s in the garage or parked in the driveway. Ideally, keep your car parked in the garage and out of sight.


Halloween can be frightening for pets, so consider keeping them inside.

Make the Most of Your Home Security System

Mischief is one thing, vandalism is another.  Keep your property safe and make sure you not only turn on your security system before you go out or go away for Halloween, but also make sure your cameras, motion sensors and sensor lights are working properly so you can monitor what’s occurring around your home.

Decorate With Security in Mind

Ensure decorations aren’t covering or impeding your security cameras.

Make It Look Like You’re Home

Whilst it might be generous, leaving out a bowl of treats for visiting trick-or-treaters is a clear signal to potential intruders that you’re not home.

Don’t Fire Up!

Whilst jack o’ lanterns aren’t as common here in Australia as they are in the USA, if you are going with candles and real flames, remember that an open flame can ignite surrounding materials – anything from leaves outside, to curtains or tablecloths, or even crafting materials, like dried flowers or paper.

Manage Entry Points

To keep your home as safe as possible, it’s best to only have one point of entry open at any given time. Welcoming trick-or-treaters to the front door is ideal, but ensure you have locked side and rear doors so you can monitor your home more easily.


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