Have You Heard About the Victorian Dining & Entertainment Program?

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has been hit hard over the past couple of years.

In response, the Victorian Government has launched a Dining and Entertainment Program for a limited time, offering a 25% rebate on eligible dining and entertainment purchases.

Whilst there are some guidelines for customers to be aware of to ensure they receive their rebate, this program is not only a welcome initiative for the hospitality industry, but also a great bonus for patrons to enjoy a night out and reacquaint themselves with the amazing dining and entertainment offerings across Victoria.

Each customer can claim up to $125 in combined rebates across the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program and this can be submitted via multiple claims.

For Dining experiences, customers can claim back 25% of their bill when they spend $40 or more (including GST) between Monday and Thursday. Dining on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not included.

For Entertainment experiences, customers can claim back 25% on the total cost when they spend $40 or more (including GST).

This applies to in-person events and experiences across Victoria, on any day of the week. Eligible experiences include live performance, cinemas, museums, galleries, amusement parks, conferences, exhibitions and more.

Each customer can claim a combined total of up to $125 in rebates for dining and entertainment experiences.

Find out more at Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program | Victorian Government (www.vic.gov.au)


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