Home Security Tips For the Holidays

With many Victorians heading away for a long overdue holiday break over the Summer, it’s a timely reminder to ensure your home is secure whilst you are away.

Courtesy of Victoria Police (www.police.vic.gov.au) here are some security suggestions to consider:

Prepare Your Home

  • lock all windows and doors, even when you’re at home – unlocked side and rear doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars
  • install good quality locks on external doors and windows – remember to disengage deadlocks when you are inside to allow easy escape in the event of a fire
  • consider additional security measures such as security screen doors, sensor lights, a monitored alarm system and overt CCTV
  • never hide keys on your property or in your vehicle – consider leaving with a family member or trusted neighbour
  • lock your mailbox to prevent the theft of mail and personal documents
  • keep garages, sheds and similar storage facilities locked

Other safety tips

  • get to know your neighbours – they may recognise unusual activity when you’re out
  • bring in your bins and collect mail regularly so your home looks lived in – ask a neighbour to bring your bin in or collect your mail if you are away for a while
  • make sure your house is visible from the street so passersby and neighbours can detect any suspicious activity
  • cut overhanging branches and trim shrubs back from your house to make it harder for burglars to hide
  • place packaging from newly purchased expensive items in the recycling bin – leaving boxes on the nature strip lets burglars know what you have inside
  • consider having a dog
  • check the details of any salesperson or workman that comes to your door and report any suspicious activity to your local police
  • consider a safe for storing valuables
  • backup computer hard drives 
  • engrave or mark your property to make it harder to sell and easier to return if located – the letter V followed by your Victorian licence number is recommended
  • photograph valuables and record details on a property inventory form
  • join your local Neighbourhood Watch and Eyewatch Facebook page and be an active part of crime prevention in your community


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