House Security Alarm Systems Melbourne

Home security systems have never been as affordable or effective as they are today. While they used to be the sole domain of the rich or exceptionally paranoid, in recent years home security alarms have become more commonplace than ever before. Many people purchase and install home alarm systems but they don’t consider one very obvious question – who is going to respond if your alarm is activated?

It’s all very well to have a security alarm at your home, but what happens if it’s activated when you’re not there? An unmonitored alarm is not going to be much help in the event of a break-in, and if it becomes obvious that your alarm system is not monitored, your property could end up being a target for future thefts. Excell Security can take care of all your house security system monitoring so you can rest easy, knowing that your home is taken care of even when you’re not there.

After an alarm call out, our personnel will attend your home and check carefully for signs of entry or damage. In the event that they find an intruder has gained entry or anything has been stolen, they will secure your home against further intrusion and if necessary wait at the property until a static security guard can be provided. They will also call the police if required. If you’re not around at the time you will be kept notified of everything that is going on.

While some people choose to self-monitor their home alarm systems, this is not a good idea, especially if you travel frequently out of town or out of the country. If you are not in the area, there is little you’re going to be able to do if your alarm is activated, so professional monitoring is essential. Responding to an alarm activation at your home while you’re away is a lot of responsibility to place on a friend or neighbour, and they could be potentially at risk if they disturb an intruder on the premises.

Another danger of self-monitoring while you are out of town is the risk that you won’t actually get your alarm notifications. If you are relying on mobile alerts, be aware that when you’re overseas you may not receive them. This means that not only will your alarm continue to go off (annoying your neighbours and anyone else in the vicinity), your home could be left unsecured and at risk of further damage or theft until you get home. Even if you’re still in the country, will you always have your mobile turned on? What about at night if it’s turned off or in silent mode?

If you are at home and your alarm activates it can be nerve-wracking. You might not know if it’s a false alarm or if someone is in your home and this can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have a family. With home alarm monitoring you can be confident that a security officer will be at your house to help you out as soon as possible, no matter what the situation. Many homeowners find that extra reassurance of knowing that a security guard is on the way takes a lot of the stress out of dealing with an alarm activation.

Professional Support For Your House Security System

Our Melbourne security systems response personnel will act fast in the event of a residential alarm activation and will notify you only if there is a genuine incident. Whether there is anyone home or not, knowing that a trained security officer will be on the scene quickly means you can feel confident that your property is protected and your home is safe.

If further security is required after a residential alarm activation, our patrol officer will remain at the scene until a static guard can be organised. This usually takes less than an hour. In the event that an intruder has entered your property and anything has been stolen or damaged, our security staff will be able to liaise with police and keep your home secure without compromising the scene of the crime.

Our residential security guards are all trained and experienced in the most common features of house security systems in Melbourne and will ensure the highest level of service for your home and family. With a professional alarm response service you can rest assured that a trained professional will be on the scene to protect your property and keep your family safe and sound.

To find out more about our home alarm monitoring services, give Excell Security  a call today.


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