How Do You Know If You Need A Private Security Guard?

How Do You Know If You Need A Private Security Guard? / Security Officer / Event Security / Security Companies in Melbourne / Excell Security

As an employer you’re responsible for the safety of the people working for you and this means you need to put reasonable measures in place to safeguard your employees when they’re on the job. The definition of reasonable measures will depend a lot on your specific industry, the level of risk your employees assume in their day-to-day activities, the location of your business and the type of people they come into contact with.

A private security guard can add an extra level of protection for both your staff and customers. Security guards are a visible deterrent and a reassuring presence for everyone, but if you’ve never hired security guards before you might not necessarily know when it’s time to take the plunge.

Is a security guard really necessary? Here are three indications that it’s time to hire a security professional for your business:

  1. You’ve recently been a victim of a break in or other security incident. If you’ve experienced one break in you’re at more risk for future break-ins. A security guard can help keep a closer eye on your premises and sends a message to potential criminals that it won’t be as easy to break in a second time.
  2. You have an event coming up. Private security guards are particularly important if you are running an event that’s likely to attract a lot of people. Your security guard can help with crowd control, access control and any issues that occur during the event.
  3. You want extra peace of mind. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be an event or incident that triggers the need for a security guard. Many business owners decide they just want the extra security and safety that comes with having a trained professional on hand.

If you’re wondering whether a security guard is right for your needs, speak to a security professional at Excell Security and Surveillance today.


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