How to Choose A CCTV Camera System

How to Choose A CCTV Camera System / CCTV Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

CCTV is one of the best security measures you can install at your home or business, but if it’s going to work effectively you need to make sure the system you install is right for your needs. If you’ve looked around at the different CCTV camera options you’ll already know that there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from.

To help reduce the overwhelm and assist you in making the right decision, we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the right CCTV camera system for your home or workplace.

Identify your needs

The first step to making the right camera choice is to work out what you need it for. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do you just want a system that covers a small area like an entranceway or are you looking for something more extensive?
  • Are you looking for remote monitoring?
  • Do you want a wireless system or will a hardwired system work for you?
  • Does your CCTV system need to integrate with your wider security system?
  • How clear do you need the images to be?

When looking at CCTV systems don’t be fooled by some of the cheaper, no-name systems out there. These are often a false economy as they can be unreliable and provide poor quality images. Where possible it’s better to go for a smaller, better quality system than a bigger poor quality one.

Speak to a professional

To make an informed decision and get the right CCTV system for your needs, speak to one of our professional security experts. At Excell Security and Surveillance we will be able to advise you on all aspects of your CCTV system including positioning and installation so you can enjoy optimum protection for your home or workplace.


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