How to Keep Your Staff Safe at Night

How to Keep Your Staff Safe at Night / Security Companies Melbourne / Excell Security

Not all businesses operate on a 9-5 schedule and if your business is one of the many that is open at night or very early in the morning, staff safety should be a priority. Employees who work in round-the-clock occupations like hospitality and healthcare are often at greater risk of falling victim to crime. As an employer you are responsible for making sure your staff feel safe and protected when they are at work.

Here are a few essential security measures you should consider if you have people working at your business late into the night:

  • Ensure your premises are well lit. This should include entrances and exits and the route to the employee car park. Good lighting can be a visible deterrent to criminals as well as helping your employees feel safer when they are walking around at night.
  • Implement secure access control at night. This can include a buzzer for customers or delivery drivers along with CCTV so staff can see who is outside before they let them in. Having secure access and CCTV also gives you a record of everyone who has entered and exited the building. This can prove invaluable if there is an incident.
  • Consider hiring a security guard. Busy hospitality venues often find the best way to keep their staff safe is to hire a security guard or a team of security staff to protect employees and customers. As well as being a visible deterrent to criminals, knowing a trained professional is at hand shows your staff that you take their safety seriously and provides them with a great deal of reassurance.

Protecting your employees is a priority for any responsible business owner and this is especially important for businesses that are open at night or early in the morning. Follow these security tips and you can benefit from a happier, safer workforce.


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