How to Prevent False Alarms

How to Prevent False Alarms / Security Systems Melbourne / Excell Security

False alarm activations are more than just an annoyance, if they occur regularly they can cost you a lot of money in false alarm call-out fees. Even worse, if your home security system regularly triggers false alarms, you may be hesitant about using it and this could leave your home vulnerable to intruders.

In reality, many false alarms can be easily prevented with a few simple strategies and a bit of preparation. Here are our top suggestions to help prevent false alarms causing you stress and frustration.

  • Make sure everyone knows the right code: Most false alarms are caused by user error and in the majority of cases it’s because someone enters the wrong code. Make sure everyone who’s going to be using your alarm system knows the code, including houseguests, babysitters and extended family. Remember to let them know every time you change your code.
  • Close windows and doors before activating your alarm: A stray breeze through an open window can cause a curtain to move, a door to slam shut or a plant to wave its leaves in front of a motion sensor and that can be enough to set off a false alarm. A window that’s locked in a slightly open position may prevent intruders but it could trigger a false alarm.
  • Keep pets restricted or get pet-friendly alarm sensors: Pets are another common trigger for false alarms so if you don’t have a pet-friendly alarm system make sure your pets are safely confined where they are out of the way of any motion sensors before you go out.

False alarms can be costly and they won’t endear you to your neighbours especially if they go off in the middle of the night. Make sure you take every reasonable measure to prevent false alarms in your home security system and everyone will benefit.


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