Is Your Alarm System NBN Ready?

Is Your Alarm System NBN Ready? / Security Systems / NBN Security Systems / Security Companies in Melbourne / Excell Security

The NBN is rolling out across Australia and it will bring about a number of changes to the way our Internet and phone services operate. It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but if you’re in the process of switching over to the NBN, you’ll want to check your alarm system will still work once the change has been made.

Not all alarm systems are compatible with the NBN and if yours isn’t you could be left vulnerable once you change over. NBN alarm systems don’t rely on copper wire systems to connect so they will work even once the traditional fixed phone lines have been switched off.

If your alarm system is not NBN compatible it may not be able to communicate effectively once you’ve switched over. This means activation signals might be misinterpreted or won’t go through at all. Your system could also be left vulnerable in the event of a power outage.

How do I know if my alarm system is NBN ready?

The best way to find out if your alarm system is compatible with the NBN is to speak to your security service provider. There are a lot of factors involved in answering this question including the type of system you have, the specific NBN connection that’s available in your area and the retail service provider you choose for your Internet connection.

While not all systems have been tested with the NBN there are a number that have been proven to work with the NBN. If you’re considering a new system or an upgrade you should make sure the system you get is compatible with the NBN.

Speak to a security professional at Excell Security and Surveillance if you’re not sure whether or not your current system will work with the NBN.


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