Key Advantages of Monitored Alarm Systems

Excell Security is proud to only recommend and use reliable and effective security products as part of our security solution for you.  One of these is Permaconn, our top recommendation for your business alarm monitoring.

Some of the benefits of trusting Excell Security to look after monitoring your alarm:

  • Your monitored alarm system will be able to communicate during power outages. This is crucial as many systems are tied to the mains power grid so if you have a blackout it’s possible your alarm won’t work at all, let alone send a notification if someone tries to enter your property.
  • Permaconn has a simple monthly fee that eliminates the phone call charges that occur each time the alarm dials the monitoring centre. Communication charges and monitoring services are included in one flat fee, so there’s no nasty surprises.
  • We will eliminate the requirement for an NBN UNI-V connection back-up battery unit, which gives you the freedom to choose any RSP.

Want to understand more about the benefits of Permaconn for your business?  Contact Excell Security today.


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