Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is a one of the key issues for the retail industry. Don’t let shoplifters hurt your bottom line!

By improving your knowledge on hiring security services, devising theft prevention strategies and investigating retail theft, you will be in better position to protect what matters to you and minimise the potential for loss in your business.

We all know retail environments attract incidents of shoplifting and theft. Our aim is to protect your stock and to provide peace of mind for retailers.

Excell Security clients benefit from our considerable experience with loss prevention methods to achieve a decline in criminal activity. Our security officers are skilled at deterring would-be criminals, in apprehension and achieving stock recovery for our retail clients within Victoria.

Loss prevention is only truly achievable through combining our experienced frontline employees, technology and updated Offenders Database.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how this process can help your business with loss prevention.

Quite simply, our goal is to minimise loss and promote a safe, welcoming and secure environment for the enjoyment of guests and staff at your retail locations.


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