Plan Ahead for a Successful Christmas at Your Business

It’s hard to believe it is Spring and before we know it the whirl of Christmas will be upon us.

For businesses, now is the time to start planning for a successful Christmas season.  Whether you are rocking retail or championing corporate, here are some ideas:

Consider a Security Concierge

For many businesses, the introduction of a security concierge can be a rewarding strategic choice.  Whilst the typical role of a security concierge has included tasks such as answering customer questions, providing directions, arranging for maintenance and cleaners, deterring thieves and other criminals, and getting help in a crisis, business owners and managers are seeing even more additional benefits, such as:

Expert advice on managing security risks.

Conflict resolution.

Reassuring staff and customers by having a security presence.

Allowing staff to focus on their primary job task and not worry about other concerns, thus improving productivity and staff wellbeing.

Implementing new processes and guiding customers through this new experience.

It’s important to remember that any security staff on-site or in-store are a reflection of that brand.  With this in mind, the decision to engage a security concierge needs to consider the fact that these staff will be interacting with customers; meaning that essentially, decision-makers need to enter into any arrangement with a strong awareness that their security concierge will be an extension of their existing staff team, at least through customer perception.

At Excell Security, many of our security personnel take on the role of concierges in busy office buildings or residential apartment blocks. This means they often perform duties that are not just restricted to monitoring and responding to security risks.

Particularly during the busy Christmas period, adding such a resource can improve your customer service, staff productivity and security.

Revisit and Update Your Loss Prevention Plan

A Loss Prevention Strategy which might have been effective in the past might not suit your needs now.  If you have rearranged your store layout, undertaken a refurbishment or updated your security system, your strategy to reduce stock loss may need to be revisited in order to be effective.

Periods of rising living costs typically correlate with increases in shop theft, so is particularly pertinent for the 2023 Christmas retail season.

Remind Your Team of Some Day-to-Day Security Tips

If you have an upcoming staff briefing or team meeting, the following tips could be shared to help all members of your team be on board with your organisation’s security efforts:

  • Acknowledge all of your customers and if possible keep customers in view at all times
  • Always face your customers, especially when using the telephone
  • Always put merchandise away promptly
  • Always ensure keys are carried on the person or in a secure area and are not left on a counter or desk
  • Count the day’s takings in the privacy of an office and behind a locked door
  • Ensure that price tickets are fixed securely to merchandise
  • Have a rapid and unobtrusive system to alert supervisors if there is any suspicious activity
  • Implement procedures to count the number of items being taken in and out of change rooms
  • Keep cash drawer closed at all times and do not leave it unattended
  • Move attractive and expensive merchandise away from exits or shop corners, etc. Place them in the middle of the merchandise area, raised areas or near the point of sale
  • Place the cash drawer in a position that cannot be reached by customers
  • Never leave the shop front unattended

(Courtesy of the Australian Federal Police).

Book Your Security Guard Resources

Don’t leave the safety of your building and staff to just anyone – make sure you hire only qualified, licenced and experienced personnel to keep your commercial premises secure.

With just a little forward-planning and investment, you can set up your business for a successful and prosperous 2023 Christmas trading period.  So what are you waiting for?

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