Private Party or Event Crowd Control Melbourne

Barely a day goes by when there isn’t something in the media about gatecrashers or other troublemakers causing injury or property damage at residential parties. Private security and crowd control is becoming more than just an optional extra for residential parties; in many cases, it’s essential if you want to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for your guests, especially where young people are involved.

While most private parties run smoothly without any problems, unfortunately the consequences when something does go wrong can be catastrophic. Some of the issues you could face include property damage, personal injury, financial loss and emotional trauma. It’s also possible that if a guest is hurt or injured on your property you could face legal problems as a result.

If you’ve got an event coming up and you’re not sure if you need to hire private crowd control or a security guard, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How many people will be attending the event? If you have more than 50 people attending the event you should definitely consider private security, and if you’ve more than 100 on your guest list, it’s going to be pretty much essential.
  • Do I personally know everyone who is coming to the event? If you personally know and can vouch for everyone who is attending the event you might feel comfortable without private security but you still want to consider what you will do if any unwanted gatecrashers turn up, or friends of friends who you might not know.
  • Will alcohol be served at the event? Unfortunately alcohol overconsumption can lead to unsociable behaviour including aggression and violence. It can also unfortunately lead to potential medical issues if people drink too much or injure themselves while under the influence. If you have young people attending the event, underage drinking is another concern and you will need to think about how you’re going to manage this.
  • Is there a possibility illegal drugs could be present at the event? Much like alcohol, illicit drugs can lead to bad behaviour and overconsumption can lead to a potentially fatal medical emergency. Drug taking can also lead to problems with the police – having a security guard around the place can help you reduce the chances people will try to bring drugs to your event and our personnel are trained to deal with any issues that arise and remove people from the premises immediately if they do.
  • Do I feel confident reacting to scenarios that may arise? You never know what might happen at any event, and in most cases, a quick, appropriate response can prevent a small issue becoming a big one. Our security staff are trained to respond appropriately to every likely situation and we know how to de-escalate things so they don’t get out of hand.

What can a private security guard do to help your event go safely?

When you hire a member of our team for your next event they will do far more than just stand on the door and take tickets. A professional security guard can perform a whole range of different tasks before, during and after your event to ensure everyone is kept safe and your property is protected. Here are a few of the tasks our crowd control staff can perform:

  • Help you discuss your security needs before the event and give you suggestions to help you reduce any security weaknesses and protect your property.
  • Act as a visible deterrent against gatecrashers.
  • Ensure everyone who enters is an invited guest and escort any uninvited or unwanted guests off the premises.
  • Diffuse any potentially problematic situations before they develop into major issues.
  • Ensure guests behave appropriately and your property is safeguarded during the event.
  • Make sure all guests leave safely and without disturbing your neighbours.

Having professional security staff present means you don’t have to worry about security issues so you can relax and enjoy your event. Hiring professional crowd control staff also shows your guests that you take their safety seriously and are committed to protecting them.

Experienced party security hire

If you’re looking for experienced party security hire, look no further than Excell Security. We offer a full spectrum of security services for private and residential parties as well as larger events.

Our management team has a great deal of experience in delivering successful crowd control and private security services to residential properties and private parties and events in Victoria. Excell Security  can provide quality party security personnel and private security guards for your event to give you peace of mind and ensure your property and those attending are kept safe.

The residential party security hire services provided by Excell Security include a risk assessment of the venue and discussion of your specific needs and concerns. We can provide staff for any type of residential event so you can enjoy greater peace of mind with the assurance that your guests will be safe and your home will be protected.

Our private security personnel include security guards and bouncers who are currently deployed throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area in a number of commercial and residential environments.

Don’t put your guests and property at risk. Ensure they are protected by hiring professional security staff for your next event. Call us today to have a chat about your party security needs.


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