Security in the Workplace

With the 2023 work year back in full swing after the Summer break, it can be a great time to consider your organisation’s approach to security and remind staff of the ways they can assist in creating a more secure workplace. 

Whilst there are many security measures requiring professional expertise and experience, here are some basic considerations and precautions to start some discussions in your workplace:

(Source: Courtesy of the Australian Federal Police)

Enhanced Security for Business Premises

Lock it up or lose it – Thieves usually look for items of value that can be easily sold such as laptop computers, mobile phones and cameras.

Stay up to date – stay safe. Office security needs constant attention. A criminal offence against your business may be prevented by having up to date security measures in place and alert staff.

Check security procedures for all building entry and exit points.

Check for any faults and weaknesses in the security procedures you use. Thieves will take advantage of any opportunities to gain undetected access, such as through faulty fire doors and elevators, unattended loading docks and reception areas.

Establish an assets register, including the make, model and serial numbers of all your office equipment, and keep the register in a secure area.

Nominate a Security Coordinator – It is recommended that one person in each office be nominated to be responsible for security issues. Their role should include: regularly conducting a security audit of the office, raising security concerns at staff meetings, liaising with other tenants or offices in the building, making recommendations to improve security and liaising with building security.

Network with other tenants about security issues – to have a broader understanding of the security issues that affect your office or retail locale it is important that you liaise with building management and other tenants.

Measures to Improve Personal Security for Staff Members

Never leave your purse or wallet in plain view or in the pocket of a jacket hanging on a door.

Never leave cash or valuables at the office.

Ensure your business premises are secure when working alone or before/after normal business hours.

When working late try to find a co-worker or a security guard to walk out with you.

Do not allow strangers to follow you into a secure area. Thieves often gain entry to buildings by ‘tailgating’ a legitimate staff member. Security and staff should question people who are not wearing identification and establish if they have authority for being on the premises.

If you are in the elevator with another person and feel uneasy, stand near the control panel so you are close to phone/emergency buttons. If someone gets into the elevator that makes you feel uncomfortable, get off immediately and wait for another elevator.

Report all suspicious and criminal activity to the proper authorities: police, office manager and building security.

Have emergency numbers displayed prominently.

Know your escape routes and emergency procedures.

And for all businesses, the start of a new work year is also the perfect time to ensure your security equipment components, such as CCTV, access control, intercoms and alarm system, are all working properly.  Preventative maintenance is an integral aspect of optimal security system operation – not only saving your business money and inconvenience by reducing risk – but also protecting your staff and customers.

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