How a Security Concierge Can Improve Customer Experience

As businesses emerge from an unprecedented two years of disruption and change, many operators may be assessing their current customer experience approach.

The evolving Covid-safe guidelines, along with staff hesitant to return to offices and the necessity to create a safe environment for customers and employees alike, create new opportunities for owners and managers to assess and restructure their in-store or on-site processes.

For many businesses, the introduction of a security concierge service is proving to be a rewarding strategic choice.  Whilst the typical role of a security concierge has included tasks such as answering customer questions, providing directions, arranging for maintenance and cleaners, deterring thieves and other criminals, and getting help in a crisis, business owners and managers are seeing even more additional benefits in these different times, such as:

Expert advice on managing security risks.

Conflict resolution.

Reassuring staff and customers by having a security presence.

Allowing staff to focus on their primary job task and not worry about other concerns, thus improving productivity and staff wellbeing.

Implementing new processes and guiding customers through this new experience.

It’s important to remember that any security staff on-site or in-store are a reflection of that brand.  With this in mind, the decision to engage a security concierge needs to consider the fact that these staff will be interacting with customers; meaning that essentially, decision-makers need to enter into any arrangement with a strong awareness that their security concierge will be an extension of their existing staff team, at least through customer perception.

If you would like to find out more about security concierge services for your business, contact our team at Excell Security.


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