Static Company Security Officers Melbourne

Our trained and accredited security officers are committed to delivering you the highest quality customer service and static guard services. As one of the top security companies in Melbourne, all our officers are supervised by a trained and competent Operations Management Team and we will report all occurrences at your facility.

  • Static guarding: A visible security presence is a known deterrent to thieves and other criminals. Our trained guards will help protect your property and the people within it as well as dealing with any issues as and when they arise.
  • Concierge services: It’s not just about catching thieves and deterring criminals, our staff can also provide a full concierge service for your tenants and guests. Our friendly, experienced concierges will assist with enquiries, provide directions, and give basic medical support and first aid where necessary.
  • Roving and mobile patrols: Enjoy the reassurance that comes with knowing that even at night there’s someone keeping an eye on your property. A roving or mobile patrol will visit your property intermittently and check it over, inside and out, to make sure everything is ok.
  • Loss Prevention: Theft is a huge problem for many retailers and a loss prevention officer can provide valuable back of house support, monitoring surveillance systems and detecting potential shoplifters. Our loss prevention officers are fully trained and experienced. We can advise and help you with practical support reducing losses from theft in your business.
  • Alarm response: There’s no point having an alarm system if there’s nobody there to respond to it. Our alarm response service will send trained officers to your property when an alarm is activated within the shortest time frame possible. Once there we can deal with the situation, call the police if necessary and ensure your property is secure.
  • Emergency surge requirements: If you experience an emergency situation at your commercial premises, you’ll want someone you can rely on to be there fast. We can provide emergency support for those crisis situations and our experienced, licenced personnel will keep your property and staff safe and secure, regardless of the situation.
  • First aid / medical support: All our staff are trained in first aid so they can administer basic first aid and medical support to the public.

Trained, Experienced Security Officers

Our personnel are currently deployed in differing environments and settings including:

  • Commercial Offices: Commercial offices can be at risk of theft and unwanted intruders. Having a visible security presence will help keep your staff and property safe and protect your business overall.
  • Residential Apartments: Help residents feel safe by employing security staff to prevent property damage, deal with rowdy neighbours and prevent any unwanted visitors from accessing the building.
  • Construction Sites: Construction sites can be dangerous places – keep everyone safer by maintaining a strong security presence out of hours.
  • Retail and Shopping Centres: Theft is a huge problem for retailers and this can be greatly reduced with a visible security presence in a shopping centre or store. We can provide loss prevention officers who are specially trained in reducing retail theft.
  • Industrial Environments, including warehousing and manufacturing facilities: We can help you prevent unwanted entry, theft and property damage at your warehouse or manufacturing facility.
  • Defence Facilities: Our defence security personnel can help to protect your facility from unauthorised visitors, theft and criminal damage.
  • Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities: Having a trained security employee on hand means you’ve got someone to deal with issues and incidents that might arise at your hospital or aged care facility. This allows you to offer a higher level of protection to your staff and the patients within your care.
  • Sporting and Event Facilities: If you have an event coming up, you’ll want to make sure everyone is safe and the day or night runs smoothly. Our crowd control staff can advise you on the best security measures for your event and provide a strong presence during it.

Don’t leave the safety of your building and staff to just anyone – make sure you hire only qualified, licenced and experienced personnel to keep your commercial premises secure.

We’re one of the top security companies in Melbourne

At Excell Security we can provide you with the expertise and skills you’re looking for, whatever the size and type of your commercial property. With our reputation as one of the most reputable Melbourne security companies you can feel confident that your commercial property is in safe hands.


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