Static Security Officers Melbourne

If you are looking for some extra peace of mind and protection for your property, a residential static security officer can act as a visible deterrent against theft as well as help keep your home safe and secure. Here at Excell Security  we have a number of trained security officers who can provide a range of residential security services for your peace of mind and protection.

Residential security officers are often used in apartment buildings and residential complexes where they help residents feel safer as well as helping deter thieves and vandals. For example, damage and graffiti on the exterior of an apartment building can be detrimental to its appearance and could make it a target for other criminal activity. Knowing there’s a residential security officer patrolling the building at night will help keep potential criminals away and having a trained person on hand to deal with any incidents means that residents are better protected and can enjoy greater peace of mind.

As one of the top security companies in Melbourne, our residential security guards are all supervised by a trained and competent Operations Management Team and we will immediately report any occurrences at your residential property.

Static Security Officer for Your Home

We offer a number of residential security services including:

  • Alarm response: What happens if your security alarm goes off and you’re not home? With our alarm response service, a trained security officer will be at your home within minutes after an alarm activation. Our staff are experienced and know how to handle the situation so you don’t need to risk your own safety if you come face to faced with an armed intruder.
  • Alarm monitoring: You might have the best possible security system on the market, but unless someone is monitoring it, you may as well not bother. Even if you are happy monitoring your alarm yourself, think about what would happen if you were out of the country and an alarm activated. You might not even be aware of the situation, especially if you receive notifications by SMS. We offer a full alarm monitoring service by trained security officers so you can go on holiday knowing that everything will be taken care of in your absence.
  • Static security officers: If you’re having a party or you are looking for a security guard for a residential apartment building, we can provide static security officers for a range of different needs. Having a physical security presence at your home is a good deterrent against crime and our trained security guards will look after all your requirements.
  • First aid / medical support: If you have an older person living at home we can arrange a personal alarm service to respond to any request for medical support. Many older people can unfortunately be susceptible to falls and other medical emergencies in the home and having a home alarm system in place gives everyone in the family extra peace of mind.

Our residential security personnel work across a number of different industries and sectors and they have a broad base of experience that enables them to deal quickly and effectively with any situation that comes up. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a security solution for your home or an apartment building, short term or long term, we can help.

Security guards aren’t just there to deal with vandals and thieves, they can also take on a number of other tasks including helping people with enquiries, providing directions and giving first aid to anyone who needs it. Your security services can be tailored to the specific needs of your residential building and the people within it.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to hire a residential security guard:

  • To provide a visible deterrent against crime: A security guard is an incredibly effective deterrent to criminals. Whether you’re concerned about the likelihood of property damage, theft or violence at your residential property, just having a security guard there can reduce the risk of this happening. And of course if anything untoward does occur you will have the reassurance of knowing that a trained officer is on hand to deal with the situation appropriately.
  • If your home or building has recently been targeted by criminals: If you’ve recently been the victim of a crime such as theft or property damage, it’s important not to procrastinate the task of boosting up your home’s security. Criminals often go back to a place they have targeted previously and showing that you’re beefing up your security sends them a clear message that it won’t be so easy for them next time around.
  • If you are concerned about any aspect of your building’s security: When it comes to security, prevention is always the best option and this is where a professional security guard can be a great help. If you’re concerned about people loitering or damaging property around your building, or you have noticed any suspicious activity, it’s important to take action before your concerns become a serious problem.

Whether you have a specific concern about theft, property damage or your own personal safety, or if you just want some extra peace of mind, our static security guard services will offer the highest level of protection for your residential property and the people inside.

We are one of the top Melbourne security companies so you can be assured that your residential property is in safe hands with us. Call us today to find out how we can help you improve your residential security and keep your property and everyone within it safe and secure.


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