Thinking About CCTV Solutions?

At Excell Security we specialise in the installation of CCTV security cameras in Melbourne. Rather than a one size fits all package, we will custom select the best cameras and lenses to suit your needs, as well as calculating your storage requirements so you can keep your footage for as long as required. This means that your security system will be tailored specifically to your building and the needs of your business. This is essential if you want the optimum

3 Great CCTV Features Every Business Needs / CCTV Security Systems / CCTV Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

3 Great CCTV Features Every Business Needs

As a business owner, CCTV is an essential tool for protecting your business. Without a CCTV alarm system your business can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism when you’re not there. While most businesses have some form of alarm system, many of them are older. Unfortunately, relying on your old CCTV system could leave you missing out on newer technological developments that could greatly benefit your business.

How to Choose A CCTV Camera System / CCTV Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

How to Choose A CCTV Camera System

CCTV is one of the best security measures you can install at your home or business, but if it’s going to work effectively you need to make sure the system you install is right for your needs. If you’ve looked around at the different CCTV camera options you’ll already know that there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from.


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