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What Are Smart Security Systems?

Home security has come a long way in recent years. You may have heard the term ‘smart’ applied to security systems, but what does this actually mean? Here is a brief overview of smart home security systems and a few of the benefits of using them.

How to Prevent False Alarms / Security Systems Melbourne / Excell Security

How to Prevent False Alarms

False alarm activations are more than just an annoyance, if they occur regularly they can cost you a lot of money in false alarm call-out fees. Even worse, if your home security system regularly triggers false alarms, you may be hesitant about using it and this could leave your home vulnerable to intruders.

How To Match Your Home Security System to Your Lifestyle / Home Security Melbourne / Security System Installation / Excell Security

How To Match Your Home Security System to Your Lifestyle

It’s crucial to think about practical considerations when deciding on a home security system, but it’s also important that whatever security system you get is compatible with your lifestyle. For example, families with a stay at home parent will have very different security needs than singles who travel most of the time for work. Whatever your lifestyle, your security system should reflect this.


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