Egg-scaping this Easter? Check Out These Home Security Tips

If you are heading away this Easter, here are some questions to ask as you prepare to leave your home vacant: Do you need to upgrade and install good quality locks on external doors and windows? Is your mailbox locked?  This will prevent the theft of mail and personal documents. Would your home benefit from additional security measures such as security screen doors, sensor lights, a monitored alarm system and overt CCTV? Are your garages, sheds and similar storage facilities locked? Have you moved desirable

Top 3 Security Trends for 2022

As Aussies pack away the festive decorations and turn their mind to the year ahead after a much-needed Summer break, it’s time to settle in for 2022 – a year certain to be as uncertain as our most recent times and promising to raise new challenges as we navigate yet another year of Covid 19 impacts.  The past two years have seen changing trends across the majority of industries, as both consumers and suppliers strive to succeed in ever-changing times. 

Home Security Systems and Pets – Yes You Can Have Both / Security System Installation Melbourne / Excell Security

Home Security Systems and Pets – Yes You Can Have Both

A motion sensitive security system and a cat or dog might sound like a recipe for disaster but these days, it’s more than possible for your pet and your security system to co-exist peacefully. In fact, many pet owners find that having a home security system lets them enjoy greater peace of mind during the day when they are away from their furry family member.

How To Match Your Home Security System to Your Lifestyle / Home Security Melbourne / Security System Installation / Excell Security

How To Match Your Home Security System to Your Lifestyle

It’s crucial to think about practical considerations when deciding on a home security system, but it’s also important that whatever security system you get is compatible with your lifestyle. For example, families with a stay at home parent will have very different security needs than singles who travel most of the time for work. Whatever your lifestyle, your security system should reflect this.

How to Conduct a Security Audit on Your Home / Excell Security & Surveillance Melbourne

How to Conduct a Security Audit on Your Home

Unfortunately, house breaking is an extremely common crime and while it’s common for offences to take place at night, in reality, you could be broken into at any time of the day. One way to protect yourself is to make your home as secure as possible.

What Should You Do If Your Home Is Broken Into? / Excell Security & Surveillance Melbourne

What Should You Do If Your Home Is Broken Into?

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of burglary, at home or at your place of work, you’ll know how violated and angry you feel. Unfortunately, being burgled once often sets you up for a repeat experience as thieves may target homes and workplaces where they were previously successful and where items stolen may have been replaced with new ones.

3 Common Security System Mistakes / Excell Security & Surveillance Melbourne

3 Common Security System Mistakes

When it comes to your security, you want to get it right. Security systems can be expensive and while they provide you with the reassurance that you’re protected against theft, if they aren’t set up properly, or they aren’t suitable for their purpose, you may be left vulnerable.


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