3 Ways To Minimise Stock Theft

Recent times have see an unfortunate rise in shoplifting and “blatant theft” across local supermarkets and retail operations. Australia’s major supermarket chains recorded an annual rise of 20% in stock loss over the last year, and – what’s worse – this number could be (and probably is) a lot higher due to unreported and unidentified cases. This trend has been attributed to a rise in cash-strained shoppers who are struggling through the current cost of living crisis. Recent reports have also

Latest Crime Statistics

The latest crime statistics for Victoria have been released, with the number of criminal incidents recorded by Victoria Police in the year to 30 June 2023 coming in at 371,691, up 9.3% from 340,219 incidents recorded in the same period last year. All offence categories increased in the last 12 months, other than those directly related to the Covid regulations introduced during the pandemic.  Property and deception offences had the largest increase in the last 12 months, up by 36,767 or

Plan Ahead for a Successful Christmas at Your Business

It’s hard to believe it is Spring and before we know it the whirl of Christmas will be upon us. For businesses, now is the time to start planning for a successful Christmas season.  Whether you are rocking retail or championing corporate, here are some ideas: Consider a Security Concierge For many businesses, the introduction of a security concierge can be a rewarding strategic choice.  Whilst the typical role of a security concierge has included tasks such as answering customer questions, providing directions,

Benefits of a Security Patrol

If you’re seeking extra security but don’t require a full-time private security guard, a mobile security patrol might be just what you need for your business… Mobile security services are there to visit your property intermittently and make sure everything is okay. Our security officers can do a drive-by of your commercial or residential property, or they can get out and perform an inspection on foot. Some benefits of using a mobile patrol service include: Creating an effective visual deterrent against

Celebrating International Security Officers’ Day on 24 July 2023

The team at Excell Security is proud to recognise International Security Officers’ Day on Monday 24 July 2023. This Day is celebrated on 24/7 to recognise the 24/7 nature of security and the work and commitment of security guards across the world. Here in Australia, International Security Officers’ Day is led by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) and they describe the event as: A global security industry initiative, International Security Officers’ Day is now celebrated in a wide variety of counties across

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your CCTV System

If you’ve been considering upgrading the CCTV at your home or business, here are 5 reasons which might make you take the next step… 1. Improve the quality of your images Newer CCTV systems offer fantastic picture quality, which can be particularly useful if you need to be referring to your CCTV footage for detailed imagery of occurrences.  Maintaining a record of everything that happens in your business is very valuable should you find that criminal activity has been taking place –

Thinking About CCTV Solutions?

At Excell Security we specialise in the installation of CCTV security cameras in Melbourne. Rather than a one size fits all package, we will custom select the best cameras and lenses to suit your needs, as well as calculating your storage requirements so you can keep your footage for as long as required. This means that your security system will be tailored specifically to your building and the needs of your business. This is essential if you want the optimum

Security in the Workplace

With the 2023 work year back in full swing after the Summer break, it can be a great time to consider your organisation’s approach to security and remind staff of the ways they can assist in creating a more secure workplace.  Whilst there are many security measures requiring professional expertise and experience, here are some basic considerations and precautions to start some discussions in your workplace: (Source: Courtesy of the Australian Federal Police) Enhanced Security for Business Premises Lock it up or lose

Security Trends for 2023

It has been a year since we shared some thoughts on emerging trends in the security industry, and 2022 was certainly a time for businesses to embrace a year less impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, whilst making the most of a buoyant economy.  With workers returning to the office (albeit on a reduced basis in many cases), events kick-started and retail shops opening their doors to as many customers as they liked per square metre, it was a year where many

Reducing Retail Theft Across Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

It’s a big weekend for retail, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales set to increase foot traffic considerably in coming days. This swell of shoppers also means an increase in shoplifting and theft. Here are some tips (courtesy of the Australian Federal Police) to reduce theft: Acknowledge all of your customers and if possible keep customers in view at all timesAdequately light all selling areasAlways face your customers, especially when using the telephoneAlways put merchandise away promptlyAlways ensure keys are carried on


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