The Benefits of a Wireless Security System

The Benefits of a Wireless Security System / Business Security Systems / Home Security System / Commercial Security / Wireless Security Systems / Excell Security Melbourne

Wireless technology has benefited us in many areas of our lives and security is no exception. Where security systems used to run on mains power and telephone landlines, nowadays there are some great wireless security systems on the market. Wireless systems use radio waves to transmit information, making them convenient to use and highly effective.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose a wireless security system.

  1. Easy installation: Because the radio waves used in a wireless system can pass through walls and floors there’s no need to drill holes and pass cables around your home. This makes the installation process much faster and far less disruptive to your home. Because they don’t need to be plugged in to a power outlet, the cameras can be placed wherever you want, giving you more flexibility.
  2. Less chance of being tampered with: Hardwired systems are easier to disarm as they are often connected to mains electricity and/or the home phone line. Disarming one part of the unit of a hardwired system means the whole unit won’t work. In a wireless system, all the parts are remote which means that if it’s going to be disarmed, a burglar needs to disarm each camera individually. Many wireless systems are not affected by power blackouts as they run on battery.
  3. Higher level of security: Wireless security systems offer a much higher level of security thanks to the ability to integrate different parts, including motion sensors, door and window alarms and smoke detectors for all round home security. What’s also great is that you can usually monitor them remotely so wherever you are you can check on your home and make sure everything is ok.

Wireless security systems are a sensible solution for any home or office security system. Speak to one of our security system experts today to find out more.


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