The Excell Security Difference

Choosing a company to provide your security services is one of the most integral decisions a business owner can make.

Price.  Reputation.  Provision of the right services for you.  Quality products.  Reliability.  Trust.

In any business partnership, these would be key considerations when selecting a supplier.  But when you’re thinking about protecting your staff, premises, customers, and even your stock and your brand’s reputation, these requirements become vital.

It’s widely known that Excell Security is a “one stop shop” for security products and services in metropolitan Melbourne.  That means the alignment between product and services is robust and our clients know that all their security needs are taken care of with one phone call.

But what about our people?

At Excell Security, we truly believe it is our team that makes the difference.  Training, professionalism and compliance are at the heart of what we do and it’s no surprise that we have been a leader in our industry when it came to changing the meaning of “security” since the dramatically challenging world events of 2020.  In addition to continuing our long and proud associations across various industries, it is our provision of security to the Altona Respiratory Clinic, and the achievement of compliance, protection of staff and patients and safety for all, that really illustrates the sort of company we are.

We see the incredibly diverse backgrounds of our senior management team as the reason that we are perfectly placed to guide our customers through these challenging times.   It is our point of difference to others in the industry, and a quick look around our core team shows you why: decades of frontline security experience, second-generation security electronics specialist, over ten years of nursing experience to provide an unparalleled understanding of how best to approach these unique times, operational and logistical expertise across a raft of industries, and a real focus on customer service every single day from every member of our team.

Our people and our service has always been highly regarded.  In these challenging times, Excell Security has shown that professionalism, compliance, care and experience are the points of difference that really matter.  Like to chat to our team?  Contact us today.


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