Thinking About CCTV Solutions?

At Excell Security we specialise in the installation of CCTV security cameras in Melbourne. Rather than a one size fits all package, we will custom select the best cameras and lenses to suit your needs, as well as calculating your storage requirements so you can keep your footage for as long as required. This means that your security system will be tailored specifically to your building and the needs of your business. This is essential if you want the optimum level of protection and coverage from your CCTV system.

We proudly recommend and install i-PRO CCTV products and solutions, offering the latest in technology including Ai. We will tailor a CCTV package that is right for your needs and proudly provide both traditional NVR solution or integrated Ai solutions for CCTV installation in Melbourne.

Interested in the latest technology? Check out this multi-sensor camera product from i-PRO…

When you consider the potential losses your business could incur as a result of theft, vandalism or employee legal action, installing CCTV sooner rather than later can save you a great deal of money.

To have a chat with an expert about your CCTV needs and go through the different options available to you, give us a call at Excell Security today.


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