Top 3 Security Trends for 2022

As Aussies pack away the festive decorations and turn their mind to the year ahead after a much-needed Summer break, it’s time to settle in for 2022 – a year certain to be as uncertain as our most recent times and promising to raise new challenges as we navigate yet another year of Covid 19 impacts.  The past two years have seen changing trends across the majority of industries, as both consumers and suppliers strive to succeed in ever-changing times.  For the security industry, here are some of the trends we expect to see in 2022:

Security Concierge Services

Do you picture a security guard as a crossed-arm burly bloke standing statue outside a nightclub?  Think again! Many retailers and commercial businesses have realised the benefits of employing a Security Concierge to welcome their customers and visitors and provide a presence in their reception area or shop.  From delivering guidance to customers around current Covid-19 processes, to assisting with directions and enquiries, a Security Concierge not only improves customer experience but also supports the wellbeing and safety of employees by being the first point of contact for customers and managing any entry requirements.  This allows employees to focus on the core business – whether that is making coffee, selling shoes or managing a busy office.  The benefits across employee satisfaction and retention, combined with enhanced customer service and productivity improvements, make Security Concierge Services the standout security solution for 2022.

Home Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols have long played a role in the security solution for commercial premises, but what about protecting the family home with a similar service?  Excell Security has led the market with the launch of Home Security Patrols in Melbourne’s western suburbs.  With strong demand and excellent customer response, this service will expand in 2022 to meet customer needs.  Whether it is surveillance of a vacant home whilst occupants are away or services for residents wanting extra protection whilst they are at home, Home Security Patrols look set to increase in popularity this year.

Home Security Products

After two years of cancelled plans and holidays, we all know someone ready to jump on a plane or pack up the car and embark on an adventure.  With borders reopened and holidays back on the agenda, 2022 looks like a better year for travel – meaning also, increased opportunity for crooks.  Whilst there was a decline in residential burglaries and robberies in Melbourne’s lockdown, the anticipated travel plans of 2022 will see more houses vacant and an expected rise in crime.  With this in mind, residents will assess their home security and implement the measures they feel can protect their house whilst they are away.  Whether it is security cameras, monitoring, alarms or the mobile patrols previously mentioned, whilst 2020 and 2021 had us buying household electrical appliances and updating homes during lockdowns, 2022 may well be the year for security electronic purchases.

As we all adapt to the changing times, the constant theme emerging in society – from school kids to business owners – is a desire to get back to the normal way of life that has been missing over the past two years and a need to feel safe.  The security industry will continue to play a key role in assisting communities to achieve these goals, through both the continuous innovation of services to meet the changing times, and working with customers to protect what matters to them.


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